I am, like most of us, a weird and wonderful mix of identities, ancestry and creation. Born into a working class family in the north of England I grew up in a time long forgotten - a time of convivial neighbours, bath time Sundays and family meals at the table. I was different from my immediate family by virtue of my identity as a gay boy which was the first of a series of ‘firsts’ I was to encounter - first to go to University, first to set up my own business, first to have therapy and first to live in more than one country at a time. Each of these scenarios were steps towards living my life honestly according to what felt right for me. These choices are the consequence of acceptance, support, engagement, courage and inventiveness - all elements I endorse and encourage in my work with clients, groups, organisations and on public platforms. If it were not for the contributions made by family, friends, therapists, facilitators, books, practices and (often naive) resolve I would not have taken some of the braver choices open to me.

All of this leads me here - to this work, to my clients and to the groups and organisations I work with. At the heart of what I do is the belief that we are all braver, wiser and more creative with a little help and guidance. The impact a friend has upon us when they sit by our side in troubling times, the power of a few words exchanged with a stranger whilst waiting for a bus or the profound shift a book has on the way we see things are just some of the endless ways in which we make life better for each other.

As a coach, facilitator, and creative I strive to help by honouring the 3 values that settle within the core of me - Love, Growth and Adventure. I love the work I do, the people I work with and the possibilities the work creates. There is growth with every new client I meet or group I lead or organisation I help. And adventure is central to the rich exploration of what it means to be human.

My approach reflect these values:

Love - self compassion, empathy, support, acceptance, non judgement, listening, respect, and generosity.

Growth - learning, practices, challenge, accountability, honesty, courage, authenticity and awareness

Adventure - innovation, playfulness, uncertainties, exploration, bravery, confusion and inspiration

These values underpin my work, how I communicate and how I co-create with people and organisations.